Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars:

Get the exclusive on the upcoming Thirty Seconds to Mars album in Rogue’s Winter Issue N°8. Teaser photos + excerpts from the cover story below. To read the full interview, get an advanced copy of the issue here!

“The album is, I think, going to be very surprising to people. There’s quite a lot of different musical styles on the album, it’s a very modern album and a break from the past–we are incredibly excited about it. It has a lot of energy and we’ve spent years working on it, exploring new ideas. It exceeded every expectation that we had, especially as we have been gone for so long, and the response has been enormous. We are just really thankful for the enthusiasm and passion around both the songs and the band right now, we are really grateful for it.”
– Jared Leto

“There are many universal themes that are covered in this album that I think people will be surprised to hear us cover. Things like personal relationships and the many different facets to that type of thing. I think it’s going to be very fun for us to perform live. You’re gonna hear something different with the sound as well. This is definitely an album that’s going to cover many different areas of sound and I’m really excited for people to hear that. It’s going to be really, really fun. I think there’s always a thread of similarities from the very beginning to the end, with the way Jared expresses his thoughts and ideas. This album is really poignant to the current times and I think people are going to be excited by the way that it sounds–the things we’re talking about and the themes explored, both relevant and current, and also kind of universal. The melodies are really exciting as well. The sounds, for me personally, are just mind-bending.  I’m really excited to fill arenas with those sounds. We are more excited to play these songs live than any other album before.”
-Tomo Miličević

“I think the new album is unexpected, surprising. We explore new territory and people will hear [these] songs and be really surprised by them. It’s sometimes hard to talk about it when you are still doing it because you don’t have perspective and you need to look back on something like that, because as you are climbing mountains, you are so focused on securing a foothold or not falling of that it’s sometimes hard to speak eloquently about it. But the new album is very different, we break a lot of rules–maybe that we didn’t have for us–but we shattered some expectations that other people may have had.”
-Jared Leto

“I think from the very beginning, Jared and Shannon definitely wanted a sense of community and it’s always been about sharing creative experiences with anyone who wants to be a part of that, or absorb it by listening, or through visual, through the artwork or through any extension, even if it’s just reading the lyrics only. I think that the idea of Thirty Seconds to Mars has always been much more than just a band to Jared from the beginning. I think music is just one of the outlets that TSTM is a part of that you can see over the years. There has been full films and short films and environmental issues we’ve taken on and back in the day it was just Jared always shining a light on things he finds interesting or important and giving a voice to people with his ability to tell stories.  It’s a community effort and that will always be the case. We love our fans. We love our community. We love giving people a place to be who they are and to escape if they need to. A place to come home to. That’s how it’s always been for us and we like it that way. We like giving people the feeling that they can have access to us.”
-Tomo Miličević

A part of the article/interview from Rogue Magazine.

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