Nawwwww!!! @mars-avenue, @mellypuddinpop, @fyeahproudglambert!…

Nawwwww!!! @mars-avenue, @mellypuddinpop, @fyeahproudglambert! This warms my frozen heart! (It had 0 degrees 😖!) I love you!

if you have access to the interview could you pleeease post it here? I still can’t read it. I’ll be forever grateful 😀

Hi, just updated the post with the full article. xo

Jared on Prominent, 04.09.2017Don’t repost my YT Video!Use the…

Jared on Prominent, 04.09.2017

Don’t repost my YT Video!
Use the video from the source:

mars-avenue: Jared snorting and shaking his bum…


Jared snorting and shaking his bum bum

@whoistheprettiest so much more cute with sound 😉

Goooooooood! I love that sweet pumpkin!!! 😩 I swear! It’s humanly impossible that such a creature walks this planet! I don’t know anyone else who just giggles and snorts sooooo adorable!!!