mars-avenue: Blast from the past, Day 10 (10.02.2018)Live Music…


Blast from the past, Day 10 (10.02.2018)

Live Music Hall Köln, 2007

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50 most beautiful people – People magazine

Jared Leto


JASON PRIESTLEY? EEEEWW, AN OLD GUY. ANDREW Shue? Oh, he’s practically ancient. The small-screen sensation currently setting teen pulses pounding? Jared Leto. The 23-year-old Louisiana-born actor struck an adolescent nerve as the confused-but-intense Jordan Catalano on ABC’s highly praised My So-Called Life. Claire Danes, 16, the show’s star, speaks for thousands of Leto-heads when she says, “Those eyes have a magnetic effect on women. He really looks at people. I don’t want to say he stares, but he really cuts to the chase. He’s a mystery man in every sense of the word.” The extremely shy Leto, who spent most of his set time in his trailer, sometimes comes across like his character, whom he has described as “a man of many thoughts and few words.” That doesn’t stop girls from trying to draw him out. “It’s hard not to talk about how beautiful he is,” says Danes. “We teased him on the set. We’d say, ‘Well, another woman has gone gaga over you.’ Or, ‘Okay, we give up. You’re the most beautiful person in the universe.’ He must be really sick of it.” Well, maybe not quite yet.

Jared Leto


SURE, HE CAN RUN—AS EVIDENCED in this winter’s biopic Prefontaine, about Olympic track star Steve Prefontaine. But Jared Leto, 25, can’t hide from the millions of teen girls who still see him as the dishy-but-distant Jordan Catalano leaning against a locker in My So-Called Life. With MTV periodically rerunning the critically lauded series (which originally aired on ABC in 1994-95), they won’t stop swooning any time soon. “It’s easy to believe that someone that beautiful doesn’t have much going on upstairs,” says Marshall Herskovitz, MSCL’s executive producer. “But Jared is a very funny, smart guy.” He is also something of a loner, a reflection of his itinerant childhood with a bohemian mother. “My father was not in the picture,” and the family was “food-stamp poor,” Leto told the March Details.

“The edge is what makes Jared interesting,” says Jeb Stuart, writer and director of the forthcoming Going West in America, in which Leto plays a serial killer opposite Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover. “He has this intensity behind his eyes; you don’t always know what he’s going to do next.” Jeepers, peepers. The Louisiana-born actor hikes and snowboards for recreation and spends his free time with his half wolf-half husky, Judas. Leto is “absolutely fearless,” says MSCL creator Winnie Holzman. “He’s somebody who totally does not rely on his good looks but wants to be a good actor. What’s great about Jared is that he knows he’s much more than his face.”

The time an angel grazed the planet

The time an angel grazed the planet

jletolove4eva: iraniq:Shake me like this, please! that stubble…



Shake me like this, please!

that stubble is perfection

Oh yes!!! It is @jletolove4eva! ?

From Elle Belgium November 2011 – Forum Vogue Found it finally…

From Elle Belgium November 2011 – Forum Vogue 

Found it finally without the tag! Pfffff  ?

Oh dear Leto!  ?

Oh dear Leto!  ?