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saw this on Monday and still can’t stop thinking about it

You & me both, hunni.

In Artifact, when the band is in the Ennis House, do you know what song Jared starts singing?


it’s an unreleased song – sometimes known as “Silent Scream”, sometimes known as “Save the Children”.

Jared has performed it live, acoustically, since 2007 – where he tended to couple it with “A Modern Myth”. It seems to share some of the same vibes as “A Modern Myth” and feels as though he was channeling some feels whilst filming “Alexander”.

Here’s a version of it Jared performed live:


In Artifact he sings the following:
“Choose your weapon carefully
I don’t give in easily.
Give me a silent scream –
Throw out your broken dreams.
Come here and be with me.”


The lyrics “I don’t give in easily” don’t seem to appear in any iterations of the song people have posted online. Maybe at that time – while making “This is War”, that was where he was, mentally and emotionally. 


It’s an incredibly powerful song. Sometimes, it seems, many of Jared’s most-emotional and most-moving songs he saves from living forever on an album.