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embracing the legacy

sort of

not all of it #memoryhole

Can we talk about that UK preorder for the tour though?

Ah yes, “Temporary Artwork”, my favorite Thirty Seconds to Mars album.

I can get doing the whole “buy the album to get pre-order” access thing but, uh, that “soon to be announced” better not “SOON™ to be announced”. There’s kind of a reason why they do these things with albums that are already released or that have…a name & a cover already out… I guess that their UK label is making do with what they have (aka not a whole lot)

This is a whole lotta concerning.

And @spesswaces, you have got me cackling.

new album title: “Temporary Artwork”


this needs to be a thing

Jarebear best give you credit Spess, cause if they don’t now name the album “Temporary Artwork”, Imma be incredibly disappointed.