Hello,over the last few days i got quite a few asks if i’m ok, if i’m not updating the blog anymore,…


over the last few days i got quite a few asks if i’m ok, if i’m not updating the blog anymore, ….

Before i answer everything i want to say SORRY to everyone who was worrying about me and also THANK YOU for carring about my well-being 😘 😘

I won’t answer all asks separately because most are kinda the same so i will answer them here in one go:

1) Am i OK?

Yes, i’m perfectly fine. Thanks to everyone asking!!

2) Did i lose my interest in Mars/Jared?

NO, i’m still stalking Jareds bubble butt more than i probably should 

3) Did i lose interest in the blog/Did i get tired of the blog?

Honestly? Yes! I’m running this blog for 3.5 years now with pretty much daily updates and yes, it got tiring. I’m got to a point where i posted everything just for the sake of it and that’s not how i wanna do it. 

Also a huge part that got more and more to me are copyright issues + complaining fans. A few may know that i got a tumblr stirke a while back for copyright violation (Thank you Gucci) so i’m already SUPER spooked to post official stuff, then a few weeks ago Getty Images started to make copyright claims (on other blogs) and i also came across more and more complains from fans who don’t like their pics shared even when credits are given. It’s still stealing for them.

I don’t want to anger anyone and i don’t want to get any copyright problems again. Posting is not much fun when you constantly worry about maybe getting into trouble. I know most people don’t care about credits/copyrights etc. but i do.

But anyway, this got way too long again 🙈 . There are a few more MINOR factors why i didn’t post anything but NONE of them have to do with anything Mars related. 

4) Will i post again

To be honest…. i don’t know right now. I don’t miss blogging at the moment but i also don’t want to give the blog up. It’s my lil baby after all and i miss the interaction with people.

What i can say for now is that i will definitely still update if i find something that isn’t shared all over!

xo, thanks again everyone for caring and for your patience with me

Have a nice day!!