Don’t Assume Jared Leto Is a Fan of Fashion

Don’t Assume Jared Leto Is a Fan of Fashion:

Fashion muse Jared Leto stood out as he wove through the crowd in a bright, printed Gucci suit, but don’t jump to any conclusions based on the man’s wardrobe.

“That’s a statement you’re making up,” Leto told me after I risked the assumption that the actor/singer loved fashion. “I don’t necessarily know it that’s true.”

I followed up with a more general “so, what are your thoughts on fashion?”

“I guess I would back up and give you my thoughts on creativity,” he said. “My thoughts are that creativity is a great place to solve problems, to tell stories. Whether it’s fashion, or art, or photography, or music, or film, I think a lot of that comes from the same place. So I’m into creativity.”