“I think that some of the most interesting music in the world is…

“I think that some of the most interesting music in the world is happening in pop music,” says Leto. “A lot of pop music is really rather brave. You’ve got the most minimal, efficient, tasteful production happening… we’re living in an era where hip-hop and pop are the dominant forms in pop culture.”

One of the most inspiring tales they found was that of a Canadian former professional athlete who, unable to get treatment for his brain tumour in his own country, came to America for an operation. “They saved his life. And he lost the ability to walk when he was getting ill. So he decided to walk across the country. It is just a beautiful story.”

Not all the stories are beautiful, of course. “What we got back was provocative, funny, weird, upsetting,” says Leto. “We wanted to make an apolitical film that looked at all sides, followed all people and we did that, from a KKK rally to the opioid crisis to messages of equality and hope.”

“A song like Walk On Water, I think it takes a side,” Leto, says, in his slow, considered way – he speaks with little filler or hesitation. “But it does speak to the division. Walk on Water is the most overtly political song on the album, it’s about standing up and fighting for what you believe in, it’s about change. Y’know, I talk about the alt-right, the far left… and it is a divisive time in the country, a time filled with instability and uncertainty but also a time of great change and hope and aspiration.”

I ask Leto if the public volte-face on Richardson made him re-evaluate that friendship or any of the rumours he may have heard. (It should be noted that many actors and musicians kept working withTerry Richardson after the allegations first started to surface about his behaviour, from Lady Gaga to Lena Dunham to Morrissey.)

“Well… I’m not gonna speak about him or his… life or that situation at all,” he says. “But it’s an incredibly important time and the #MeToo movement which I totally support… I grew up with a single mom who had two kids by the time she was 19 and had to fight for some sense of equality in her life in the workplace in life in general. I mean she literally left Lousiana because she was treated so badly being an unmarried woman with two children in the 70s. And I watched my mom. She was very young. I watched my mom struggle through her life.” He warms to the theme, becoming more animated. “Has my mother ever been given equal pay? Probably not. Y’know, my mother was a nurse. She put herself through school. She was always hardworking, always determined, always focused on making a better life for herself and for her children. And that’s always inspired me. I think what we see going on right now with the recent march just two days ago in America, young kids walking out of schools fighting for the ability to be safe… I think all of these things are connected. And what I hope that we see is more equality, more change, more distribution of opportunity, in terms of gender, in terms of race, in terms of social standing… it’s an interesting time. It’s a time that will go down in history.”


la-leto: When you open up twitter to find Jared’s been…


When you open up twitter to find Jared’s been trending… welp. Tho, it could always be worse?

Yes, the character, Nick Lowell, is American and Caucasian, and yes, he’s joining the Yakuza as “The Outsider” – but it’s way more complicated than that…

What complicates this more is the fact Jared’s The Outsider was directed by a Danish director who’s never directed outside of Denmark/Danish. Sure, he can do all the necessary research and his heart and vision can be coming exclusively from a place of reverence, but he can never really capture Japanese culture from a truly authentic angle. He is actually the real Outsider here.

The most unfortunate news is that before Zandvliet came onboard, the film was most-recently tied to (and ultimately abandoned by) revered Japanese Director Takashi Miike. If he had still gone forward with this film, and it had his backing/support as a Japanese man, I bet the controversy and outrage over the story we’re seeing now wouldn’t be as vocal…

Jared on Vyrt Chat, 30.11.2012 (pre Mars Lab 2)Blast from the…

Jared on Vyrt Chat, 30.11.2012 (pre Mars Lab 2)

Blast from the past, Day 23 (23.02.2018)

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Wonderland: Underground via Jamie Reed IG

iron mountain

Jamie Reed’s personal valuables.

and like the family jewels, and stuff

Looks like VK may have ahold of those…