Watch 4:08 – 6:00 She is talking about Jared at the Oscars being…

Watch 4:08 – 6:00 

She is talking about Jared at the Oscars being hilarious in the press room. And how proud he was about his sparkling shoes at the Oscar luncheon.

Silicon Valley Gets Behind Initiative to Challenge Trump’s Agenda in Court

Silicon Valley Gets Behind Initiative to Challenge Trump’s Agenda in Court:


“Supporters include Box Inc.’s Aaron Levie and Andreessen Horowitz’s John O’Farrell, as well as Jared Leto, Jessica Alba and Katy Perry. The institute filed its first case this month against militant groups at the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.”


“Levie, like [Mamoon] Hamid, got to know Leto over the last five years as the actor became an active startup investor. The Blade Runner 2049 star hosted a fundraiser for the institute at his home in the Hollywood Hills, a 50,000-square-foot remodeled Army bunker. The event drew roughly 100 guests, including Alba and Perry, according to people who attended.”

I wonder if Dita von Teese was talking about this event, or another more recent one.

February 1, 2018 – 

jaredleto Studio days. Almost done!!!! ???????? Photo by @mamoon

See see…

Dita von Teese im Interview: „Eine Fantasien-Fabrikantin, das wollte ich immer sein“

Dita von Teese im Interview: „Eine Fantasien-Fabrikantin, das wollte ich immer sein“:


Interview  with Dito von Teese: “I always wanted to be a maker of fantasies”

– …

 Haben Sie sich vorstellen können, dass dieser Mann zum Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika gewählt wird?

Nicht in einer Million Jahren. Unser Präsident ist ein Sexist und Rassist und lügt am laufenden Band. Trotzdem bleibt er in Amt und Würden. Es ist eine seltsame Zeit, in der wir leben.

Aber irgendwann muss das Maß doch voll sein, oder?

Zum Glück gibt es eine Reihe von Leuten, die an einer Lösung arbeiten. Erst vor ein paar Wochen war ich bei einer Spendenveranstaltung, die Jared Leto initiiert hatte. Ein Mittagessen mit Showteil, bei dem Geld für Anwaltskanzleien gesammelt wurde, die Anklagen gegen Trump vorbereiten …


Translation made by me:

Could you ever imagine that this man would become the President of the United States?

Not in a million years. Our president is a sexist and racist and lies all the time. Nevertheless he stays in exalted position. It’s a strange time we are living in.

But at one point enough is enough, isn’t it?

Luckily there is a bunch of people who work on a solution. Just a few weeks ago I was at a fundraiser that Jared Leto has initiated. It was a luncheon with a show part where money was raised, helping law offices that prepare charges against Trump…

la-leto: When you open up twitter to find Jared’s been…


When you open up twitter to find Jared’s been trending… welp. Tho, it could always be worse?

Yes, the character, Nick Lowell, is American and Caucasian, and yes, he’s joining the Yakuza as “The Outsider” – but it’s way more complicated than that…

What complicates this more is the fact Jared’s The Outsider was directed by a Danish director who’s never directed outside of Denmark/Danish. Sure, he can do all the necessary research and his heart and vision can be coming exclusively from a place of reverence, but he can never really capture Japanese culture from a truly authentic angle. He is actually the real Outsider here.

The most unfortunate news is that before Zandvliet came onboard, the film was most-recently tied to (and ultimately abandoned by) revered Japanese Director Takashi Miike. If he had still gone forward with this film, and it had his backing/support as a Japanese man, I bet the controversy and outrage over the story we’re seeing now wouldn’t be as vocal…